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Smart door lock in the Internet age
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The 21st century belongs to the era of science and technology, is an age of re-emergence of the Chinese nation. East of the end of last century, based on the national strength of the development of the industry of the manufacturing industry in China, the huge demand for technology digestion, accumulation and development, has sparked a "scientific revolution" in China, especially in the intelligent applications, China caught up with and even some areas more than the international advanced level. Now, smart phones, smart home, intelligent community, intelligent traffic, etc., the ubiquitous technology intelligent concept with our minds, change our lives.
In today for safe and convenient environment that occupy the home today, safety performance is low mechanical lock, have apparently does not conform to the requirements of The Times. In addition, the traditional property management and security companies, can only play a role of the most basic security patrol, to truly realize the safe, convenient, intelligent residential life, need more intelligent technology security products.
According to the reporter, the current domestic market of lock products is multifarious, the main mechanical lock, induction lock, combination lock, fingerprint lock, the function principle of each product and technology are not the same. Mechanical lock is the lowest locks, technical content is currently use most locks, every family in use, the key is the only normally open tools. Induction lock and combination lock is often used in business and the public space, such as hotel, hotel, etc. Combination lock is many enterprises manage the gating's right-hand man.
In such a wave, began to have a pull a pull people make simple things complicated, but there is also another group of people, want to complex things simple. As global radar fingerprint lock, after years of research time, with such a unique and paranoid beliefs, repeated research is the uniqueness of fingerprint technology, reliability, security, only to "do a good fingerprint lock, do a safer fingerprint lock".
Global radar's product is special, because the global radar's understanding of "good" is: fingerprint technology application innovation, perfect product perfect safety and reliability, and design the humanization and appearance of the perfect performance. This tag, destined to become the world's most beautiful color in the future development of radar. Anti-theft security fingerprint lock is the new concept, leading technology, a thief bandits fingerprint lock could not be opened, do trust of fingerprint lock that occupy the home.
Fingerprint time, the imminent!
For continuous improvement in practice and research, from global radar fingerprint lock and fingerprint algorithm, mechanical transmission to the appearance in excellence; Also get great success in the market, since 2013, the global radar combining with the new products listed, began to open up the retail market all over the country, and with outstanding product quality and perfect after-sales service for retail market and has been widely accepted by users with the deepening of the global radar market development process, the global radar is residential family special cognitive of fingerprint lock will also has been strengthened in people heart.

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