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Fingerprint lock with security at home
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The fingerprint lock on the market at present market level performance and security; Fingerprint lock in China now is a good market, sales is also on the increase year by year, it has to do with China's economic development and the improvement of people's income depends on. The popularity of fingerprint lock, generally for China's emerging family, like fashion and smart convenient family, or for safety is replaced. Fingerprint lock market in China is also a long-term occupation of foreign brands, fingerprint lock rise in recent years, China's independent brand, technology and brand vigorously promoted, let more Chinese brand fingerprint lock into the lives of Chinese people, instead of......, air when self-improvement. However, both domestic and foreign goods, these fingerprint lock really can ensure the safety of our house?
Fingerprint lock can be open technical personnel unscathed, because of the fingerprint lock mechanical lock safety coefficient is high enough, if the lock core change into senior lock, fingerprint lock will become so expensive, the price of the general residents can afford to consumption.
In view of the present technology of fingerprint lock and security, only individual fingerprint door lock safety lock brands to innovation, attaches great importance to the fingerprint lock security, and other brand fingerprint lock focuses on sales and version, do different appearance and price for different door fingerprint lock in order to promote the sale of products. We buy back door lock both mechanical lock and fingerprint lock, our purpose is the same: home security; The gate is the patron saint of the family security, door lock is the patron saint of the heart. If we buy back the door lock can't ensure that our personal and property security, to be so beautiful, so expensive fingerprint lock and what role? A non-existing of fingerprint lock looks smart, can actually be thieves use tools seconds away, so the door can also really protect us?
Focus in the field of security intelligence force of science and technology company, the development of the global radar fingerprint lock, on the basis of equivalent fingerprint lock has carried on the technological upgrading and innovation to the fingerprint lock: intelligent anti-theft lock. Global radar brand fingerprint lock, lock the intelligent combination to the handset, the fifth kind of unlock function; Mobile phone unlocked remotely, avoid friend or other acquaintances without keys and fingerprint staking out the house waiting for embarrassment. In combination with intelligent security technology, mobile phone remote monitoring locks. What is global advanced radar fingerprint lock is the thief can't close the door, more can't unlock, even have a trebuchet cannot open the global radar fingerprint lock. Fingerprint lock set to lock the warning time, only the input fingerprint lock can open the door lock, safe removal. If there is no input fingerprint, close to the door lock, door lock will alert the leave, if its to try to open the lock, it will automatically alarm horn, take pictures and sent to the host cell phones, notify the owner.
Residents need to increase the door safety consciousness, fingerprint lock manufacturers to improve door lock technology innovation, so as to make our personal safety and property safety guaranteed. Some brand fingerprint locks have been bragging about their brand awareness and fingerprint technology superb, door lock version of the diversification, without really considering the potential importance of locks for a family. Whether consumers to buy what brand of fingerprint lock, start is consistent: security. Consumers only practical and safe, ordinary people will choose to use and safe locks to protect the safety of his family.

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